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Black Kings

Black Kings

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latest stress relief piece!


latest stress relief piece!

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Women of Djibouti, Africa

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Hyakka Ryoran - Matsuri


Hyakka Ryoran - Matsuri

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READ IT AND WEEP: Because the more things change …

Just a few facts to put some of this in context:

  • Louis and Mamie Till separated in 1942
  • Louis Till was drafted by the Army to serve in WW2 in 1943
  • Mamie Till learned that her ex-husband, Pvt. Louis Till, died in Europe in 1945… 10 YEARS BEFORE EMMETT’S MURDER
  • The Till family was NEVER told that the FBI would not investigate because they didn’t want to bring negative attention to America during the height of the Cold War, when their only concern was defeating a competing ideology called Communism
  • On September 15, 1955, Jet Magazine printed the photo of Till’s mangled corpse, focusing on his bloated, almost unrecognizable face. John Johnson, Publisher of Jet, admitted in his 1989 memoir that he had serious reservations in 1955 about publishing the gruesome photo BUT DID SO BECAUSE HE HAD A RESPONSIBILITY TO SHOW BLACKS THE EXTENT OF THE SAVAGERY OF THE ATTACK ON TILL.
  • Thanks to the bravery and political savvy of Mrs. Mamie Till-Mobley, who understood THE PR VALUE OF ALLOWING THE BARBARITY OF AMERICAN RACISM TO BE SEEN BY THE ENTIRE WORLD, the story and image of Emmett Till went 1955 viral, turning an international spotlight on American hypocrisy as it marched the globe trying to ‘spread democracy.’ Mike Brown seen lying in the street for 4 hours could have had a similar effect… but unlike Mrs. Till-Mobley, Mrs. Brown decided, quite understandably mind you, that she didn’t want people to see her son that way. And of course that was just fine by the Ferguson PD and US Mainstream Media, neither of whom wanted the rest of us to know of the barbarity done to Brown.
  • "I thought about Emmett till, and I could not go back. My legs and feet were not hurting, that is a stereotype. I paid the same fare as others, and I felt violated. I was not going back." ~ Rosa Parks

… they’re doing the exact same shit today, in terms of the White House and Department of Justice ignoring the systematic brutalization and murder of Black people under the guise of it being a ‘State’s rights’ issue, because they believe foreign policy issues ALONE should garner Federal attention. Not to mention the immediate rush by the media to slander the victims rather than seek out justice.

The more you know about American history …

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The Weeknd - High For This

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Bunning till you can’t no mo’

Now that I have joined the world of work my natural hair has been living in buns for the past 4+ months, I have days where i’m like:

DAY 105:

"It’s been so long since i’ve seen my hair I miss it"

Day 120:

"My scalp hurts, it must need air…"

DAY 3000:

"My scalp has stopped responding..I fear it may be dead X_X"